L5R : Jade Winds

The Tamori's Guest (Part 1)
What the Crab Saw

Mask 3

At the Scorpion’s request, the Tamori shugenja attempts to contact the deceased owner of a Kabuki mask. In the closed room, the Scorpion undresses and plays her dead mother’s flute (a shakuhachi) in order to help draw the spirit. The Tamori is astoundingly successful, so much so that she becomes fully possessed by the angry spirit of Takeda Endo, the slain acting sensei of the Mockers Party acting Troop.

The White Tigers Revolt (Part 5)
Lying amongst the seedlings

Japanese wooodblock print

Shosuro (in Mantis togs), Kitsuki Kanko and the two newly minted Ashigaru cross the newly sprouted wheatfields at night, trying to evade the alarums being gonged from North wall City. After watching the patterns of the lanterns and other search groups the Scorpion carefully leads them into a darkened path which leads towards the Custom House. after a short walk, they are confronted by a young, hidden samurai who had been placed there in hopes that fugitives would run into him. He shouts and leaps out of hiding, causing one ashigaru to run off into the darkness in panic.

Kitsuki Kanko, carefully points out that he and the samurai-ko were “merely out walking”, managing to imply that they were not doing that at all. The “Mantis” hurriedly arranges her clothes and does not allow the samurai to see her face… or the knife she has readied in her sleeve. Embarassed, the bushi grudging points out that they need to go over to a nearby road and then report to a group of lights near an intersection. Having saved the group’s asses, the Kitsuki thanks him and they ease off into the darkness, not really hurrying.

Meanwhile, Genji Al-Salat, gaijin interpreter, speaks to to the Crab, Tamori and Mirumoto back at the Customs House. After he leaves, the Tamori asks an earth kami to aid the Shosuro and Kitsuki in their efforts to arrive. Ah, so; an elevated path appears just for them and leads them straight to camp. The path then fades back into the tilled fields.

Everybody is back together at the Customs House/dwarf camp (the GM cheers!).

The White Tigers Revolt (Part 4)

Temple dog
The Foo Dog is the protector of sacred buildings.

Kitsuki Kanko takes delivery of red jade lion dog from a porter who delivered it in thanks from “a patron”. Meanwhile he is bathing and changing into clean robes in preparation for an interview with the Chamberlain of North Wall City, complete with an ashigaru escort and the Shosuro/Mantis who showed up (from locations unknown) and waited downstairs for him. On their way through the city, the Crabs new Ashigaru find them and accompany them onwards to the NWC Daimyo’s residence (NOT the castle).

After a few twists and turns the Shosuro/Mantis slicks whips a knife across the astonished NWC ashigaru’s throat (horrifying the other two ashigaru) and drags his corpse into a small alley.
After some quick "planning"on one of the stunned Ashigaru’s advice, they go to a humble gaijin “spice merchant” in the Black Quarter who, after some serious haggling agrees to hide them for 5 koku AND keep a few items they would have to leave behind. As his Rokugani is pretty decent, and his wife is roku as well, the PCs listen in as he argues a bit with her about “having to leave another city” again and whatnot. His spices are mainly preservatives and various surfactants. He has skill with bodies of the dead? WTH? they are hidden under the house until dark. While there a NWC yuriki sto[ps by the business and has a bried chat with the proprieters. The Spice merchant takes the PCs extra stuff and plans to use it to frame an honest yoriki, later. After night falls the PCs escape through one of the myriad small tunnels under NWC into graveyard, being guided by the careful directions from the Merchant. They emerge in a small village graveyard through a beaten up wooden grate that is in better shape than it looks.
The fields and villages are swarming with search parties.

The White Tigers Revolt (Part 3)

The Hida sends his Ashigaru back into North Wall City to find the Shosuro/Mantis and Kitsuki and Bring Them Back Alive. They go. Meanwhile the the Shosuro/Mantis re-enters North Wall City from the Eastern Road via an empty gate and an eerily silent street, smoke hangs heavy in the air. She then goes back to inn, which has been tossed by Parties Unknown, who have somehow not found or needed the Side Handle Teapot of the Moon.
While this is going in, in parallel, the exhausted Kitsuki interviews with some deputies of the Chamberlain. They are interested in his firefighting deeds and request him to come to the Chamberlain later that day, after he is presentable. He then heads back to inn with an ashigaru escort to prepare for his interview after firefighting all night. He walks right by the newly disguised with Shosuro/Mantis who is loitering outside.

The White Tigers Revolt (Part 2)
  • Mirumoto, Tamori leave tunnels and they and Hida go to aqueduct
  • head for North Lake Village
  • headman tries to delay them
The White Tigers Revolt (Part 1)

Japanese wooodblock print 4

  • Crab is waiting at porters’ lodge
  • White Tigers make their move
  • Fires are set, Kitsuki fights them
  • Crab conscripts two porters
North Wall City (Part 4)
  • Shosuro decides to leave city and return as a different person (Mantis)
  • Has vision of exploding caravan on the road
  • Hida insists on accompanying him to the gate
  • Hida waits for him to return at porter’s lodge, tells stories with the porters
The Crab and the Scorpion (Part 2)
  • The Hida escorts the Shosuro to a merchant in Longstaff Enclave to ask about jade carving he received
  • Merchant tries to kill him, Shosuro kills the merchant instead
  • Hida guards door while Shosuro explores merchant’s underground room
North Wall City (Part 3)
  • Tamori figures out gaijin magic, and admits they may have a small place in the celestial order
  • negotiations with Drallosu craftsmen to join a caravan to the Hidden City
  • non-descript man distracts landlord while cohorts search the room
  • Kitsuki says there were more than one, and they used a grappling hook to get in
North Wall City (Part 2)
  • Discussing what to do in NW City
  • Deciding to move further north and farther in by taking a caravan

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