Baking Cookies in L5R

by Chickenhat

(With apologies to my loving wife who doesn’t game but makes cookies worth their weight in gold koku. For her benefit: TN stands for Target Number and is a difficulty rating, and 6k3 is a dice rolling thingy meaning roll 6 dice and “keep” the highest numbers from 3 dice.)

Moshi, a Kakita Artisan, has just received a letter that a visit to the Court has resulted in a successful marriage arrangement. To help with further negotiations he decides to make a gift to send to the family of the bride-to-be.

Player: “My character is going to bake cookies as a gift to the mother of my betrothed.”

GM: “Alright, do you have skill in cooking or baking?”

Player: “Um, no, but I have 5 ranks in Etiquette. Does that help?”

GM: “Only if you burn them and still try to give them as a gift.”

Player: “Oh, okay, um, what’s the TN?”

GM: “Baking isn’t THAT difficult, so you’ve got a TN of 15, but there might be complications.”

Player: “Like what?”

GM: “First I want you to roll a Perception check.”

Player: “Why?”

GM: “No reason, just tell me what you get.”

Player: “Should I take raises?”

GM: “That might depend on the recipe. Basic oatmeal is TN 10, while chocolate-butterscotch-with-walnuts is something like a TN 25, TN 35 if you’re not familiar with the oven.”

Player: rolls “Hmmm, I got a 12 on 3k3, can I make basic sugar cookies?”

GM: “Sure, you find the milk, sugar, butter, baking powder, baking soda, and the flour.”

Player: furrows brow in confusion “That’s it? I thought there’d be more than that.”

GM: silence

Player: “SO I mix it all up and put blobs of it on the cookie sheet and bake them in the oven. Now what?”

GM: “Make another Perception check.”

Player: grumble “Oh, and THIS time I take a raise.” rolls “Ooh, 21! And if I had cooking skill I would have gotten exploders! Dang.”

GM: “Okay, 2 things, you finally think to look in the recipe book and notice you forgot the vanilla extract and you need an egg… and you didn’t actually turn the oven on. Your first batch has been sitting there for 20 minutes drying out. Oh, and make another Perception check.”

Player: “Screw that, I turn on the oven and look in the cupboards for the vanilla extract and I look in the icebox for an egg.”

GM: rolls “Extract, yes. Egg, no.”

Player: “Are there any chickens in the back yard?”

GM: “Did you SAY you had chickens?”



Player: “Fine, I put on a clean kimono and my sandals and go out to the market to go get an egg from a merchant or something.”

GM: “You go to the market on a warm sunny day. There are children playing in the market and one of them is telling the other a story about a large Crab samurai who let him see his jade medallion and is saying one day he will be an oni slayer just like him and…”

Player: “Listen, I just want an egg.” rolls “I’ve got Merchant at 4 and rolled a 46 on a 8k4. Can I just get the damned egg and go back and bake the damn cookies?”

GM: “Fine, you find a merchant named Khaler-Textu who will sell you an egg for 2 zeni. When you get back to the house you smell smoke since you left the oven on.”

Player: “I run into the house and make sure nothing else has caught on fire and take the cookie sheet out of the oven.”

GM: “Okay, you take 2k2 in burn damage because you’re not wearing an oven mitt.” rolls “Take 7 points of damage.”

Player: “Wait, what? Argh, whatever. I bandage my hand and clean off the cookie sheet and start all over again, and THIS time I remember the vanilla extract AND the egg.”

GM: “Okay.” rolls “But you’re out of sugar.”


GM: grins

Player: “You suck.”

Baking Cookies in L5R

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