Collected Haiku

Edwardstanford, on a gift of rice for the Phoenix/Lion wedding

Tasty Heinen Treat
Imperial Throne Bedrock
Foundation of Wealth

Ednoria, concerning a Crab quandary:

I have a problem.
Since I’ll probably die last,
Who’ll cut off my head?

after getting a non-haiku response from edwardstanford:

You could at least have
Tried to answer in haiku.
Poor clueless Dragon.

Kugelblitz, in response:

Mirumoto can
self decapitation
training is pass fail

Buckleyj is confused:

Mind rigid as a crab shell
Enlighten a fist
Fighting as well head or no

strike that, reverse it…

Crab mind Rigid shell
Enlightenment a hammer
Fights Head or Not

Chickenhat is too busy:

No time for haiku
Two blades sharp as breath of air
Fall on mountain grass

Kugelblitz, on getting off work early:

Fifty nine minutes
Summer day and breezy
motorcycle time

Kugelblitz, on the view from the Temple of Air:

Eye of the Dragon
Faces across chasm to
Eye of the Tiger

Chickenhat’s Dragon-y response:

A little tea pot
Short, stout, here is my handle
Tip and pour me out

Kugelblitz’s response to Chickenhat’s response:

A little tea pot
Short, stout, here is my lid
Tip and pour me out
Oh crap I am a canopic jar…

Chickenhat, concerning the Kitsuki stuck on the mountain above Shuho:

Alone in the woods
He nibbles a millet cake
Cold and far from home

Kugelblitz, also concerning the Kitsuki stuck on the mountain above Shuho:

Frozen courtier
Sees all knows much heavenly
mountaintop thinking

Chickenhat, concerning a conversation in the New Moon Inn:

Void in the silence
Moves aside to enlighten
A story begins

Buckleyj, when exchanging one identity for another:

Name like an anchor
Cut the mooring no regret
duty flows like water

Chickenhat’s response by Beaker the Courtier:

Me me me me me
Me me me-mee me me me
Meeee me me-me-me*

*followed by an explosion and screaming

Chickenhat, a possible last message before heading to the Hidden City:

No Wall, merely bricks.
With her tears I seek reason
To retain my sword.

Kugelblitz, poems on the outside and inside of a katana:

If this blade ever fails
I will break my hammer through
Poetry, not steel

Rising Sun Castle
Safely guards the light growing
Mountain to mountain

Chickenhat, private to the Hida:

rain on the hammer
porcelain dust on an anvil
clay bends until fired

Ednoria, on the size of the Shosuro’s butt:

Even the Crab know
Never wise to tell woman
How big her butt is.

Buckleyj, concerning Jade Winds site:

Vision like Window
Is the frame straight
day same as night

Chickenhat, on converting to Fourth Edition:

This close to next Rank
Your thugs still die, just slower
By the way, you suck

Edwardstanford, on whether he would be at the game that night:

The Tamori is
An eager participant
Unless I sicken

Kugelblitz, found on a wood post in the guest house at Last Village of Ichi Yama:

Fortunate wind blows
Golden rain one must decide
Beauty or gambling

scratched into the dirt outside of the Temple of Luck

Flowing red as life
Scented quince begins to bloom
Strong with many thorns

Collected Haiku

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