After Hida Nakamuro discovered that Shosuro Naoki was female during The Tamori’s Guest (Part 1), he made attempts to court her with haiku. At that time he was unaware that she was already in a relationship with Mirumoto Yonaka.

Rain on the blossom
Soft winds caress her gently
The mountain dares not

A single petal
Brushes against the mountain
The battle is lost

The tears of beauty
Sharper than a Kaiu sword
Victory is hers

Beauty of the moon
Can never be hidden by
Autumn’s bare branches

Wild geese in the night
Glossy strands of ebony
Flowing like water

The wild egret knows
Her safety can be found on
The mountain’s scarred flanks

Koi jumps in the lake
Ripples blur her reflection
The mountain trembles

One’s duty to Love
Must always come second to
One’s love of Duty

A flute’s lonely song
Echoes on dark forest paths
As the mountain mourns


L5R : Jade Winds ednoria