Yonaka and Water

Memories wash over you, they do not wash away.

Rice terracesWhat a day it was going to be. Sensei Tenko and Yoshi were away making a pilgrimage to Daikoku Temple. The twins, Hanso and Uso, were home from the dojo before having to go back for their final year of training and hopefully their gempuku. What a pair of swords they would make!

But that would be later. Now was a day for games of kemari, climbing the plum trees in the orchards, and hide and seek amongst the barges loaded on the river near the recently harvested and drained rice paddies.

They would not find him, clever little boy who was blessed by both the day and night shugenja of his Tamori uncles on the night of his birth. Truly a breath between strikes, a birth between the days as the village taiko struck nine times to anounce the ne no koku. In the blossoming cherry tree he hid while the twins poked the bundles on the barges with sticks to flush him out. Then surprise as first came the sound of an explosion from atop the mountain near the dam followed by a loud rumbling sound.

Too late to shout a warning, the clever little boy could only watch as the waters rushed over the fields and down the terraces and swept the twins away and into the river. Too late for anything.

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Yonaka and Water

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