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Serious grognard rpg group play here, no one is under 44 years old, and all of us have been gaming since we were in college (when velociraptors were not invented, even). So some serious RPG chops combined with cranky old people means it is quite the challenge to keep them awake.

Jade Winds uses Legend of the Five Rings rules 4e. The campaign is loosely set in the L5R canonical 1170s, Toturi I is Emperor, and the Spirit War never happened (it is ridiculous so I ignored it) and no, the Spider Clan isn’t, also I don’t track all the CCG timeline events, either.

At the end of the last story arc, the PC’s encountered the Troll Weapon, and saw it slip from their grasp into the northern skies. The survivors re-entered Rokugan and took part in the last days of North Wall City as the fanatical Dragon monks under Togashi destroyed the rearguard of the Mitanaka & Gaijin army. The main body met the Dragon Army at Mirumoto Pass, resulting in a bloody, hard fought defeat of the Gaijin. When they finally broke under the relentless counterattacks of the cream of the Mirumoto Clan’s swords folk, the hills and valleys ran red with blood. The Rokugani granted no quarter to the outsiders.

The story begins again with a reunion to celebrate the wedding of a surviving Mirumoto and his newfound partner, a Shosuro Actress of notable talents and beauty. The Dragon clan is counting their dead, rebuilding a shattered province and slowly reassembling its broken legions, yet hope has bloomed at Last Light Castle, for now.

Of course, the calm will soon become rippled by events, again. Old oaths will be recalled, and duty is heavier than even the mountains themselves.

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L5R : Jade Winds

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