L5R : Jade Winds

Heart of Stone

0) PCs enter the cave and pass through some forced open stone portals
1) A blue light is sen at the end of a tunnel
2) Trapped floor pitches them into a water trap
3) The group exits the water hazard, monk is bitten by a fish
4) encountering the stone valve
5) the valve is forced open
6) Horiuchi, Kitsuki, 2 retainers enter south corridor
7) Ambush by bat tattooed ronin kills one samurai
8) Bat tattoo casually knocks down Horiuchi, other retainer
9) Bat tattoo glances at Kistuki-ko and withdraws into the dark cave
10) rest of group enters valve and joins them

Cutting Woodcutters

Top Ten (feel free to add more)

0) Toshi and the children are sent away to Cold Mountain Temple by Yonaka
1) Meeting at Red Shrine w/ Hitomi Daimyo and his retinue (wearing headbands)
2) Scout leads Stone Dogs to interlopers in Forbidden Grove
3) Stealth ambush vs. sentries, Masamune kills Forest Killer scout in tree, Mirumoto spears other sentry, Horiuchi chases third scout down and beheads her.
4) Old growth White Oak grove being cut down, attack! Horiuch sent to kill Tori sentries
5) Nine forest Killers, nine woodcutters, six guard dogs slain (2 ashigaru, one monk wounded)
6) One Forest Killer escapes into a shuttered cave mouth
7) The old fortified house with no windows or doors found
8) Hitomi scout Akai brings crystal lantern, to hunt into the cave
9) Hitomi Daimyo to enter blank house, then to Hitomi Castle, PCs to go by cave
10) Cave of the Blue Men to be entered next run

Visiting Hoshi (I)

Taisa Yonaka decides to go north, to seek out the source of the vengeful ronin. Gathering his family (wife #1, wife #2, adopted son and adopted daughter) he head north with his retinue.
Soon he arrives in Shuho.

The Taisa of the Golden Sun Runners is very gracious and arranges many diversions. A hawking expedition, a Noh play is to be performed by some travelling actors.

Stand Off

2 assassins confrontation

The palanquin explodes, creating a huge dung colored cloud that blankets the rocky gorge. Smoke pots rain down around it, leaving choking fumes behind. Visibility plummets to a few feet only. The explosion echoes around the mountains.

The Monk is undeterred by the fragments that pepper his skin, and emerges from the upper end of the smoke-choked gorge to see the two ronin readied and waiting calmly for him!

The Red Palanquin


The nuptials are mostly completed, certain meals remain for certain relatives. The group festivities calm somewhat as guests depart for their duties. Part of the obligations of the district are met, yet some remain.
A tour of the nearer villes and a brief visit with their headmen must be done. Customs must be observed, and the new Lady must be seen, acknowledged, recognized and above all respected. A small retinue accompanies them as the day winds onwards. Towards late afternoon, a signal reaches the group that strangers approach. In the Dragonlands, strangers are rare and word spreads quickly.



The guests are as varied as the Empire. A Crab from the sultry south, Cranes sweeping up the southern road while a Moto and a Scorpion ride in together from across the plains the Unicorn call home. A clutch of Dragon samurai guests peering warily at Last Light keep.

The wedding between the Mirumoto and the Shosuro is in a few days, and the banner men are proud, and will let no stone go unwashed. Food offerings filter in from the villages of the Western District, small careful notes of congratulations, prayers and handmade objects attached to the bundles of vegetables or carefully twined into the manes of feisty goats.

The kitchen staff is keeping up with the guests, but only just.

Interregnum Intro

The group, formed from disparate Clans now scatters to the four directions, seeking answers and responding to the tug of their various Clans. For now, they must attend to more immediate concerns.

Blood from a Stone

Even the very creatures of the mountains are still, waiting as the echoes of the landslide fade.

Tomoe gozen

The Horiuchi and his mount are in full gallop, the sure footed stallion easily negotiating the broken terrain along the creek. Another, riderless horse joins them as they pelt clear of the expanding debris cloud and without conscious effort Yohan gathers in the reins of the terrified horse, its eyes large and rolling. After a brief pause, he sighs and begins to trek back to where he watched the melee erupt. Maybe someone survived.

Hills of Thunder
Footfalls of the Phoenix wake the Mountains of the Dragon

Hills slumber opThe Mirumoto shouts.


The waxing moon only provides a quarter of her light as we close in on the Gaijin and their Mitinaka escorts. We were sure there were six of them total. In the dark it was tough to make sure they were all there, even the lookout who had alerted the others to our approach.

Their deaths have already been determined. If not for being traitors to the Empire, if not for assisting the gaijin in their escape from North Wall City, then definitely for the murder of the peasants at Wood Bridge Village. The casual destruction they left in their wake only seals their fate, surrender would only prolong the inevitable.

Heading West
go until there are no more enemies

Hikozaemon walked slightly ahead of the lady. “Lady, I believe this person may be what you were looking for.” He tried to edge a smile but could not look directly at her, he had seen her angry. The urge to run away from her was still very real. The Lady was more than pleasant on this shopping trip. She asked of family and of his old job, and a measure of pride rose in him.

He did know everyone in this city. He caught himself and his eyes darted back and forth. Mentioning those few, less than honorable people, made him sweat, but the Lady seem to change the subject. Was she being nice to him? Well, she almost seemed cheerful, and if he made a few slips of the tongue, she never let on.


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