L5R : Jade Winds

The Red Palanquin


The nuptials are mostly completed, certain meals remain for certain relatives. The group festivities calm somewhat as guests depart for their duties. Part of the obligations of the district are met, yet some remain.
A tour of the nearer villes and a brief visit with their headmen must be done. Customs must be observed, and the new Lady must be seen, acknowledged, recognized and above all respected. A small retinue accompanies them as the day winds onwards. Towards late afternoon, a signal reaches the group that strangers approach. In the Dragonlands, strangers are rare and word spreads quickly.

A bright red one-person palanquin approaches the small village of Red Wood Carvers. Suspicious, the group hides in a sturdy stone and earth walled house on the edge of the small burg, watching as one of the village ashigaru walks up the trail to make polite inquiries. As he approaches the palanquin, two men strike him down!

The Stone Dog retinue bursts from cover, and the four bearers and two ronin? turn and hustle back up the trail. Did one light a fuse? The monk Poison Flower easily bridges the distance, running lightly over the rocky terrain, followed by the hulking Crab. They will catch these impertinent ronin!



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