Tamori Background

Yuriko’s husband Hotaka is an infinitely charming fellow without a mean bone in his body, but a nearly sociopathic inability to connect today’s actions with tomorrow’s consequences. He drinks with folks he shouldn’t, he gets caught in compromising positions, and he spends money he doesn’t have, but he feels genuine contrition each time he’s caught, and sincerely means to do better. Briefly.

She did not actually see him naked with Asako, but neither he nor she should have been that intimate, unmarried, without a witness, unless they were humping. And they both knew it.

It is probably not the only time she has seen evidence of infidelity, though it is the worst. Her steadfast efforts have prevented (so far) his disgrace. Her affection for him is quite genuine, and has so far survived, as has his for her.

He and she are second cousins (and certainly also more distant cousins). Their families traditionally weave several families together in a “braid”. Yuriko and Hotaka grew up in different valleys, but their families (and six others) have been marrying second cousins back and forth for many generations.

Some children in each generation are married outside the braid. Yuriko’s brother in law is actually a Dragonfly.

Her father is a Mirumoto bushi in good standing. Her mother is a Tamori shugenja and clan magistrate (though not a prominent one).

Tamori Background

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