Tamori Yuriko's Funeral


Yonaka will still be wearing the white garments he used to purify and clean the various weapons. Once he’s done he chisels the kanji for “water” and “fire” facing each other on one side of a smooth fist sized stone. He paints the grooves to make them contrast against the grey of the stone before gathering the candles, salt, water, and rice.

It’s early evening before the sun goes down when he knocks gently on the door of each room, returning any weapons, and asks them to join him.

It doesn’t take long to reach the North Gate where Yonaka ignores the glances of the curious and asks Hikozaemon to light everyone’s candles and then sets 3 simple bowls out in front of the signpost nearby. One is filled with water, the next with salt, the third with rice. On the ground in front of the bowls he places the stone.

“Tamori Yuriko was my cousin. She was married to a Mirumoto named Hotaka, son of Hideki who was brother to Shuzo. This was the last she saw of Rokugan before she drowned.”

After this he takes his candle, pours a little of the melting wax onto the stone to help it set and sticks it in place before stepping away.


Nakamuro clears his throat and speaks haltingly.

Fire called her name
Jealous Water embraced her
Emma-O claims her

He places his candle next to Yonaka’s.


The Shosuro accepts the candle and takes a moment to survey the surroundings and the people present. She takes a moment to compose herself, then speaks in a joyful tone,

“Tamori Yuriko showed that even in death duty may be accomplished. There are Some in the Empire who could learn much for this. Tamori-sama may serve the Dragons, a comforting task she is suited for, for all times.”

She places her candle next to the others. Smiling, she stands next to Yonaka.


Once everybody else is done Yonaka will strip off the white hakima and jacket and fold them neatly to be placed along with the other offerings before changing into a freshly repaired kimono.

“Goodnight. We leave tomorrow with the sun at our backs.” and then turns to go back to the house.

Tamori Yuriko's Funeral

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